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Shoes carry us all through our lives, from when we're little to when we reach old age. They accompany us as we take our first tentative steps and they help us keep our footing as senior citizens. They are an expression of our character and underscore our personality. Shoes are so much more than just apparel or everyday consumer goods. They give our feet a home.

Since 1774, we - the inventors of the footbed - have been putting a lot of thought into how we can enrich our customers' lives and make them more comfortable with high-quality footwear for everything life has to offer. In an overwhelmingly price-driven consumer landscape, dominated by cheap products from East Asia that are produced under precarious conditions for both people and the environment, our premium footwear represents a sensible alternative for all those who desire functionality and quality.

We make our products under top-class conditions at our own production facililties in Germany, with much of the work done by hand. Each sandal undergoes 17 stages in the production process. In the case of our closed-toe shoes, well over 100 skilled touches go into making the finished product. The closed-toe models are produced by Portuguese manufacturers who observe centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship.

Whether traditional craftsmanship or industrial production, all our products meet the highest quality stadards you can find in the global shoe industry. We are uncompromising both in terms of the materials (cork, natural latex, copper, brass, wool, felt and the finest leather) and the way they are processed. Our hand-picked raw materials are sourced sustainably and - as far as nature allows - in Europe.

We are continuously developing our products to keep pace with our customers` high standards. New manufacturing processes aided by the latest technologies and the development of new materials and models allow us to offer you unique quality and unmatched comfort, walking and standing, today and tomorrow.

Over 235 Years of Comfort

Today Birkenstock set the standard for comfort around the world. Footwear in many different styles, textures and colours, every footbed is precision crafted to keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

The History

Sustainable On Principle

Our heritage as shoemakers reflects an environmental sensibility that continues to evolve and shape who we are as a brand and as a company. Quality materials and low-waste production are pillars that continue to remain our standard.


The Classic Footbed

The sophisticated design of the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed is modeled on a footprint in the sand and enables feet to stand for several hours in the wearers shoes while keeping strain on the feet and legs to a minimum.

The Birkenstock Footbed


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